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Having frequently visited Morocco and Egypt as a child with her parents, Leila became sensitive to the art of living Moroccan.


Many years later together with Vincent Bas, a friend she met on the French Island of Re (Ile de Re), she revisited Morocco to soak up the culture and craft talents. Vincent lives in Marrakech and shares the love for the expression and language of tribal rugs in Morocco, he introduced Leila to different origins, meanings and traditions. Together they travelled Morocco and started collecting unique rugs of great beauty and quality.


Passion becomes expertise and BlueGiGi is born.


The BlueGiGi collection is modern and relevant: each piece is carefully chosen in search of meaning, history and beauty. Leila selects the rugs based on her personal favourites and your desires, every trip to Morocco is an opportunity to find that special rug for your contemporary, urban and precious interior. There are no boundaries. 


With the help of Vincent's connections in Morocco, his view and history with the country, the collection is always changing, always expanding and always unique.

About BlueGiGi

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