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Beni Ouarain

A Moroccan rug with striking designs that is ancient and ageless.


These fabulous rugs have the fascinating ability to connect the long history of the nomadic Berber tribes with modern day interiors. Traditionally, Beni Ouarain rugs were made to keep Berber houses warm with their thick pile, natural sheep wool from sheep of the region adapted to the cold.


These carpets have an ecru background with black or brown hairnets. The patterns are sometimes asymmetrical and irregular. The beauty of their natural, silky smooth and deep-pile light wool and simple minimalist geometric designs or naive figures make the carpets of the Beni Ouarain tribe of the Middle Atlas instantly recognizable and a perfect match with contemporary style. 


The Beni Ouarain are considered to be the most prestigious rugs in Morocco, made from the very finest wool.


420 x 215cm


200 x 150cm


200 X 150cm


245 x 162cm

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