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BlueGiGi offers a collection of traditional Moroccan, rural and natural rugs. Our rugs showcase the sense of purity and authenticity we love about Morocco, they are entirely handmade by weavers in ancestral know-how. Their creativity is inspired by their lives, they deliver a little of their soul through symbols that are transmitted from generation to generation.


Weaving skills are passed on from mother to daughter, through observation and practice. There is much room for own imagination, feelings and fantasy, making each rug and every piece unique. Each rug tells a story and can bring a bit of the real Morocco into your home.Leila selects her rugs, one by one, based on history, design and the condition. Some are vintage pieces, dating back to mid century.


Need to accessorize a shoot? BlueGiGi rugs are available to hire for press photo shoots or styling props.


Viewing by appointment in South London, SW4. 

For more information email: 




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